The Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management will provide training to the successful applicants for EOC Techs., so the trained volunteers can support operations in an activated Emergency Operations Center. A twelve month training curriculum was developed and a recruitment protocol was established to place qualified volunteers.


Duties include assisting with maintaining status displays, keeping logs and records, call screening, acting as runners and other essential duties when the EOC is activated in an emergency. There is a time commitment for training, as well as an expectation of availability in an emergency, both are listed below.


The Recruitment protocols:

1.      At least 18 years of age.

 2.    Subject to standard background check for public safety volunteers.

 3 .  Willing to work shifts of 12 hours on a periodic basis.

 4.  Personal transportation to the EOC available.

5.      No conflicting emergency response assignment - SAR, etc.

6.  Willing to commit at least 20 hours of training per year.


2001 Training begins in February, ending in December, and includes:

 1 .Basic Emergency Management (Orientation)

 2. The Incident Command System (overview)

 3. Introduction, Purpose and Function of the EOC

 4. Communications I (external communications systems)

 5. Communications 11 (internal communications, call screening message processing)

 6.  Information Management I (logs and records)

 7. Information Management II (display processing)

 8. EOC Support functions (scheduling, staffing, check-in, etc.)

 9. Complete 3 FE-MA Independent Study Courses in the first year.



Applications may be available, or completed applications dropped off at the Jefferson County Dept. of Emergency Management, 81 Elkins Road, Port Hadlock, WA. 98339. For mail requests, our office hours in the office are limited so leave a message with name and address. We can be reached by voice mail at 360-385-3'831.ext529. Our office- mail is




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